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MURALS is an immersive visual experience that uses cutting-edge 3D scanning to place viewers face to face with the war devastation in Ukraine. The not-for-profit art project follows captures of Banksy’s artwork left on the rubble of people’s homes, schools and infrastructure.
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Project Initiator Foreword


I am Artem Ivanenko and I am from Ukraine, a resident of the tragically famous city of Irpin.

My country is at war. Every day we lose lives, our homes, our cities, and our future... Ukrainian heroes are going through the unimaginable on the front line to preserve our culture, history, and heritage. Our team is serving the same purpose in the rear. Our heavy weapons are creation and imagination used to preserve our architectural heritage, which is being targeted by the russian rockets daily. We document the destruction caused by Russia as well as the contemporary art that is emerging despite and in the face of this destruction, knowing that it may vanish in flames.
We cherish our memories and want to share them. We want to tell the world about our country, its heroic people, its abundant culture and history, and about the horror in which the people of Ukraine are being forced to live today.

Our goal is to create a digital record of our country, history, and culture. Bombs cannot damage digital records! The highly detailed, real 3D models will be used as scientific, educational, social and legal evidence of Russia’s crimes in Ukraine.

Truth is here to stay.
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!
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An audacious war of conquest is being waged in the heart of Europe, a criminal military force has invaded a sovereign nation and is systematically destroying its people, cities and culture. It happened before, not so long ago – who is filming today’s The Great Dictator? Where is today’s Guernica?

This project is our letter to today's generation of Ukrainians; to our friends and colleagues, to the people whose bombed out houses we scanned for this project, to the heroes who are in the trenches at this very moment – we will remember everything, we will not stay quiet.
We know that if the killers strangle Ukrainian freedom, the entire world as we know it — built on principles of freedom and dignity — will be gone. We believe in Ukraine. We believe that people who have tasted freedom and dignity will never bend their knees to become vassals.

Ukraine will be victorious and free.
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Events and premieres

Cannes Film Festival

May 18-24, 2023
Cannes. France

BFI London Film Festival

Oct 6-22, 2023
London. UK

Warsaw Film Festival

Oct 6, 2023
Warsaw. Poland



Alex Topaller & Daniel Shapiro
Aggressive / Directors / USA
Artem Ivanenko
Scanning Artist / Ukraine
Radosława Bardes
ATM Virtual / Producer / Poland
Maciej Zemojcin
PixelRace / VP Producer / Poland
Maksym Dudko
Mriya Production / VP Producer / Ukraine
Sten Kristian Saluveer
Executive Producer / Estonia
Mariia Skakun
Ukraine-Europe Partnership Coordinator
Jason Yantz
Editor / USA
Federico Gonzalez Montoya
Tigrelab / Art Director / Compositor / Colombia
Ion Romero
Tigrelab / Unreal Artist / Spain
Antonio Nieto
Tigrelab / Unreal Artist / Smode Artist / Spain
Borja Pastori
Tigrelab / Unreal Artist / 3D Artist / Spain
Laura Gomez
Tigrelab / Producer / Spain
Bartez Putkiewicz
Sound Designer / Poland
Brandon Epperson
Technical Consultant / USA
Helgi Palko
Copy Editor, Translator / Ukraine
Gio Pachkoriya
Poet / Ukraine
Egor Grushin
Composer / Ukraine
Michał Kowalik
Production Manager / Poland
Maciej Kapłucha
Production Coordinator / Poland
Lina Maria Shlapak
Designer / Ukraine
Dorota Pielak
Legal Counsel / Poland
Agnieszka Kiepuszewska
Social Media Manager / Poland
Ivika Künnapas
Art Director / Estonia
Paweł Szarzyński
Unity Developer
Piotr Pióro
Photogrammetry Specialist
Arsen Igorev
Website Developer / Ukraine

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